The journey continues.


Vapo is on a journey of renewal.

The new Vapo will serve its customers even more intelligently and comprehensively, making use of local expertise. Vapo is boldly looking for opportunities in the global markets and responding to the needs of a changing world by delivering environmentally sustainable solutions.

Vapo is a leading supplier and developer of bioenergy in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Vapo produces energy responsibly from sources including peat and wood. The company’s services also include various comprehensive energy solutions as well as related digital services and environmental business solutions. Vapo is an important part of the local energy infrastructure in all of its markets.

A long history of expertise

Our long history in Finland allows us to genuinely understand our operating environment and partners as well as the end user. We want to evolve constantly, and the trust we have in our own expertise enables us to also pursue new possibilities.

Utilising our strong expertise in raw materials, we are able to produce materials for the future out of peat. Vapo Carbons, which produces technical carbon for industrial use, is an example of our efforts in development. Our innovative solutions meet local needs directly, while also creating room for growth on a national as well as international level.

Key figures

20,0MEUROperating profit
812,4MEURBalance sheet total
43,0%Equity ratio
3,0%Pre-tax return on invested capital (ROIC)



  • Balance sheet EUR 812.4 million
  • Equity EUR 339.7 million
  • Gross investments EUR 39.6 million


  • 773, of whom 515 in Finland
  • 69 seasonal workers per year*
  • 70 training days per year*

Natural resources

  • 100,000 hectares of land assets
  • 537,547 m3 of certified wood fuel*
  • Water consumption 941,400 m3*

Production plants

  • Approx. 400 peat production areas
  • 7 power plants
  • 146 heating plants
  • 27 district heating networks
  • 6 pellet factories
  • 8 agricultural peat factories
  • 2 composting plants

Intangible assets

  • Industry expertise
  • Certified quality management and environmental system
  • Patents, brands
  • Treatment methods for natural waters and drainage waters
  • Partner network
  • Contractors
  • Logistics partners
  • Land owners
  • Wood suppliers
  • Research institutes, universities, schools
  • Retailers


Vapo is a renewal-oriented, local and responsible company that is close to the customer

  • Energy industry expertise in solid fuels
  • Peat expertise
  • Expertise in growing
  • Leveraging the digital transformation
  • Customer-focused solutions and services

Forces of change:

  • The digital transformation
  • Responsibility
  • Urbanisation
  • Climate change


Products and services

  • 11.9 TWh of fuel supplied
  • 1,321 TWh of heat, electricity and steam supplied
  • Substrates and other gardening products
  • Environmental peat
  • Peat fibre
  • Energy solutions
  • Operating services for energy assets
  • Digital services
  • Water treatment solutions
  • Security of supply and logistics services
  • Innovation

Waste and emissions

Airborne emissions:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Particle emissions
  • Sulphur and nitrogen oxides
  • Ash

Emissions into waterways:

  • Phosphorus
  • Nitrogen
  • Solid matter
  • Waste water
  • Waste


Economic impact

  • Turnover EUR 392.1 million
  • Salaries and fees EUR 37.2 million
  • Purchases EUR 155.7 million
  • Dividends EUR 4.0 million
  • Direct taxes EUR 2.0 million
  • Safeguarding energy assets

Social impacts

  • Reliability of the supply of electricity and heating
  • Direct and indirect employment effects in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • An important employer in sparsely populated areas
  • 46 accidents per one million working hours*
  • Promoting the construction of green areas and gardening
  • Promoting food safety
  • Developing global food production
  • Animal welfare

Environmental impacts

  • Urban green areas sequester carbon and wetlands purify drainage waters
  • Converting cutaway peat production areas into carbon-sequestering areas
  • Promoting biodiversity by reforestation and building wetlands
  • Exchanging mires with significant natural resources or selling them for conservation purposes
  • Waste recycling rate 72%*
  • Ash recycling rate 74%*
  • Reuse of used stacking plastic 100% *

* Figures for the calendar year 2016


On the path towards global leadership.

We are a rapidly transforming bioeconomy and energy company. Renewal is not only our passion, it is also vital for our future. Combined with our highly competent people, our expertise in domestic raw materials and the energy sector create a strong foundation for the energy business and the development of our new bioeconomy businesses. We operate in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.


The digital transformation.

The next-generation Vapo is an intelligent and agile operator that leverages the opportunities presented by state-of-the-art technology. Digital solutions enable flexible service that takes each individual customer’s needs into consideration. One of our new digital solutions is our power plant operations centre in the Tikkurila district of Vantaa, Finland. Connecting a power plant to Vapo’s modern monitoring and control network will increase the productivity and reliability of the customer’s energy production operations.


District heating is local heating.

Vapo’s goal is to be the world’s leading expert on the local energy value chain. We provide our customers with local and domestic fuels, electricity, heating and related added value services. With decades of experience in fuel production and a high level of expertise in energy production, we are a reliable partner and energy supplier for the energy industry, the business sector and homes.


The countdown has begun. Peat is the path to the future.

Vapo is boldly seeking peat-based business opportunities beyond the traditional fuel, agricultural and environmental peat businesses. Vapo Carbons aims to refine peat into technical carbon products for the global market. Examples of technical carbon products include activated carbon and carbon black. Activated carbon can be used in the purification of air and water, for example, while carbon black is used as a pigment in industry.


Growth from fibre. Naturally.

Our decades-long raw material expertise allows us to develop peat into future materials to serve the needs of the packaging and construction industries, for example. Peat fibres have unique special properties compared to many traditional materials. For this reason, products manufactured from natural peat fibre represent a competitive advantage, success factor and source of added value for consumers and producers of reprocessed products.

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